Linux on a Sony Vaio

This site is collating my experiences of running Linux (Ubuntu specifically) on my old Sony Vaio laptop.  This is or was, a fairly high spec machine with an quad core I7 at 2GHZ and turbo boost

Sony Vaio

I’d made some minor tweaks to standard whilst I was running Windows, it’s now got 8gb of RAM and a 1tb hard disk.

The biggest issue with this though is the noisy fan,  This seems to have been an issue with VAIOs of the time, I’ll be looking in to changing the thermal paste and cleaning it out to see if it helps, but currently it’s does sometimes sound like it’s about to take off.

IBM RS 600

I’ve been playing with Linux since the late 90s when I toyed with Redhat 5 – even bought a boxed version of it.  I was supporting an IBM AIX system at the time and was using it as a way to learn Unix in general.  Over the years I’ve dipped in and out of Linux mainly using Redhat and Ubuntu; though I’ve never really used them in the long term.

This blog will cover my attempts to use Linux as my home system and any tips, issues etc… that I can pass on.


Can you live with Linux instead of Windows?